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“John is the best in the business.  Creative, collaborative and quick.  A true imaging triple threat.  I am really proud of the sound we’ve created for KNX.”  Ken Charles, Brand Manager KNX

Named one of the TOP 50 RADIO IMAGING VOICES in the country 6 YEARS IN A ROW by Benztown

The VOICE of:  CBS This Morning, The Justice Network, MUCH TV and MTV Canada, Disney Channel, Entercom Radio,Cumulus, Hubbard, IHeart Radio, Beasley Broadcasting, Heineken, Barracuda, Honda, Commercials, Trailers, Narrations and more…

Proud member of SAG-AFTRA

Writing and full production services…

Complete imaging packages, VOICE AND PRODUCTION for all formats of Radio

See the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival 2019 Pay Per View promo here:  www.vimeo.com/voicebyreilly.

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